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22nd January 2022

Dexter’s Day: Help Me!

What is happening?

I’m only 29 weeks old today

And my parents are STARVING ME!


I had breakfast – quite a big breakfast at silly o’clock.

Mummy spoke nicely to the Big Scary Wooden Door –

And it opened – and out popped a Big Cup of food!


Then we went to the seaside

And I went into the sea!

It was raining and cold,

So I jumped all over Mummy and Daddy

To keep them warm!


Then we came home

For my lunch

Only there WASN’T ANY!!


Mummy says I’m a Big Boy now

So only get fed twice a day!


I won’t last until 5pm!


I’ve tried to talk to the Big Scary Wooden Door.

It won’t listen.

I’ve given Mummy my best ”cute eyes” –

And she just smiled!

She is ALWAYS smiling



So I’m going to be naughty

And jump on the furniture

And pull the plants up

And put my toys in a puddle

And pull the washing off the line.

And………oh wait!

I do that EVERY DAY!

Will try something new…


Am going to be GOOD…….

(ARGH! I don’t like being good. It’s not naughty)

(Will let you know how I get on –

Daddy has just gone out and Mummy is having wine

Which makes her softer and happier –

I’ll try cute eyes again in a while, hee hee .

Wuff and Wags

Dexter x