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25th July 2023

Dexter’s Day: heat stroke?

I’m very worried about my Mummy. I thunk the heat has got to her!

This morning, I heard her talking to herself in the bathroom and Daddy was in bed,

so I went to investigate and see what I could steal from the bin in there…..

She was talking to a very large beetle, who was in the empty bath!

Worse, she introduced me to him – and asked me to help rescue him!

The beetle looked at me and thunked, ‘Is she crazy?’.

I thunked back, ‘yes, I thunk so but humour her coz she’s also crazy!”

But Mummy went on and on until she’d managed to rescue the beetle

then she and me took him into the garden and set him free…..

Mummy was happy. The beetle was shocked but liked the garden –

and I’m going for a lie down!

It’s tooooo early to be so kind at silly o’clock!

But am glad the beetle didn’t drown – though I don’t believe Mummy

When she said she could hear his little feet on the bath, trying to get out –

he wasn’t wearing shoes!


wuff and wags

Dexter x