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4th July 2023

Dexter’s Day: Harry the Loveable

I thunk it’s the saddest day on the hillside in Peyia.

Harry Cat, one of my best friends and the love of many ladies lives,

Has flown to heaven to be with his angel friends.

I wuffed Harry: he was very naughty, like me – and he loved to cuddle – but not me!

Mummy says Harry has lived here on the hill for many years

And was one of her favourite furry creatures coz he had great spirit –

and was VERY loud!

If he had been a man, Mummy reckons he’d have been a handsome , loveable, cad.

‘So many people who loved him and fed him’ – and so little time….

Harry’s own Mummy is very very sad too: she was so kind to him, always

And didn’t mind sharing him with my Mummy and with our lovely neighbour.

Harry was a special cat, filled with love, cuddles and catitude.

Mummy is crying now so I’m going to finish writing this:

We wuff you very much Harry and are so very sad you have gone

but we know you’ll still ‘play’ on our hill , staying close to us, always.

Very glad you are out of pain .

Huge, loving wuffs, wags and cuddles.

Dexter x