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13th October 2023

Dexter’s Day: Happy Tummy!

Well before silly o’clock this morning, I was thunking I needed to wake Mummy up
Because , there was special food in the fridge which Daddy got me from the butchers
and I thunked that, if I didn’t get up and eat it quickly, ‘they’ may come and eat it!

Who are ‘they’? I don’t know – but ‘they’ hide Daddy’s important things –
though Mummy says ‘they’ never come to help her take the rubbish out or do the ironing!
(I don’t thunk ‘they’ are very nice!).

So I woked up Mummy and she was SOOOO happy! Not! But she got up and opened the fridge….

It was wufferly: butchers stuff and biscuits and some water then more biscuits and a
“Dexter, go back to bed” chew!

My tummy is very happy and I’m very sleepy.
My parents are going to work………….

wuff and wags
Dexter x