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1st January 2022

Dexter’s Day: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

(What’s a New Year? Can I eat it?).

Only being silly – I know what it is:

Mummy told me all about it last night,

While I sat on her knee, eating cake with her.


So I’ve made my New Year promises:

I’m not going to jump on the furniture anymore –

except for each day.

I”m not going to steal socks –

except one of each pair.

I’m not going to bring the broom into the house –

Unless I want to play with it.

I’m not going to dive bomb the bed

Except when I need a cuddle

(which is every night).

I’m not going to leave my Mummy’s side –

I’ll keep THAT one!

And many more promises I won’t keep –

But Mummy says that is okay:

People make them then break them

But, as long as they don’t hurt each other,

That’s okay!


So we are having a bacon buttie to celebrate 2022!

Well, my Daddy is and I’m going to give him, extra cute eyes,

So he’ll share it.


(My REAL promise is to practise ”cute eyes” –

Coz I can get away with ANYTHING!)


Wishing you all a  VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hope it’s filled with kept promises and extra ”cute eye”  moments –



Wuff and Wags

Dexter x