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2nd June 2024

Dexter’s Day: Happy Birthday to AJ!

I thunk I’m a very lucky Labrador coz I have lots of good people in my life –

and they are very lucky to have me too, my Mummy says –

except they don’t have me: I’m only for my Mummy and Daddy – and my aunties and uncles ,

oh and my wufferly friend Malcolm, who plays good with me AND everyone who feeds me…

Anyway, today, one of the lovely people , my friend AJ, is 80!

Happy Birthday AJ! 80 is great – especially coz it sounds like what I just did ie ATE!

I wish you the best day and am sorry I cannot play out with you but I know you are busy.

Birthdays are great! It will be mine soon and I’ll be 3! we can be 83 together and eat cake-

except not the kind Aunty Jane bakes coz it wasn’t very nice but it was made with wuff.

Mummy has been telling me that your family are all here with you and that makes me very happy:

I wuff my family and I know you wuff yours very much – and they all wuff you back.

Ah! Somedays are just wufferly and filled with reasons to wag your tail even harder! (!).

Mine is going triple speed for you, to send the birthday wuff down my hill to your heart.

Have the best day!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x

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