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29th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Hanging out

I thunk I may be in the BIGGEST TROUBLE EVER today!

And that’s NOT easy!

Coz I’m a very naughty getting-bigger-by-the-day-puppy-dog

And I thunk that trouble finds me EVEN when I’m not looking for it!


What have I done?

Erm. Well,

I was thunking that I was missing my Mummy.

She was in the back garden, putting the wet stuff out to dry

So I thunked I’d run into the garden and give her a BIG CUDDLE!

Coz she LOVES my cuddles and I love my Mummy!


So I ran FAST! Jumped HIGH –

And landed on the wet stuff which was hanging on the white thing

And it broked.


And the wet washing was all over the ground.

In the dirt.

So I ran over it to keep it flat

And lay down on it to keep it safe

Then Mummy had a VERY LOUD TALK to me –

And she went out FOREVER and left me in the Dog House.


She’s back now

With a new thing to hang washing on

But she says I cannot have ANY TREATS EVER AGAIN

Coz she’s spent a fortune on me!


It’s okay.

I still love my Mummy.

(And I have Aunties and know how to use ”cute eyes”!)

Wuff and wags

Dexter x