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9th May 2022

Dexter’s Day: Hang dog!

I’ve been VERY BUSY!

My parents had their friends staying in my house

And they were LOVELY!

They played REALLY good!

(I thunked to myself, everyone should play like this!).


We chatted during the day

and I took them for long walks

and taught them how to swim in rock pools –

and pulled Daddy INTO the rock pool

Just to make them laugh.

They did.

Daddy didn’t! (but he wasn’t hurt).


I helped Mummy cook for them

By testing everything she made

And stealing parts of their food

To make sure it was safe.


Then I had a birthday party for Jane,

Who talks funny

But she is Scottish

(What is Scottish? Can I eat it?)


I’m thunking that I had too much to drink and eat

Because I slept ALL day Sunday

and most of today.

Mummy says I was hungover.

Well, I was hungover the settee,

Then slept on the rug

Then went to bed

Then sat on Mummys knee.



But I missed writing to you all.

So I’ll write lots from now.


Wuff and wags

Dexter x