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10th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: Grown up world.

I’m a very big puppy.

In fact, I think I’m now a DOGGY!

I”m huge!

And heavy!

And Mummy shouts at me when I ”fly dive” her –

But it’s fuuuuuuuunnnnn!


Anyway, today I’ve been VERY GROWED UP!

Mummy and Daddy were swallowed up by the Working World

And I had to behave so they could ”do their thing”.

I’d have been happy doing , ”my thing”,

But Mummy doesnt like me un potting plants and eating the washing!

Don’t know why?


I spent the morning with Mummy, helping her on her computer.

I like to jump up and push the wrong keys.

Then Mummy had to go out

So I spent the afternoon


With the Grown ups!

And it was fun!


Then Daddy and I went for a walk in the rain.

Well, we went for a walk and  it poured down

So we had to run for the car.

Where I showered Daddy  with my ”shimmy”,

Then we came home and Mummy had made chicken!

For Daddy……….

Not happy.

I can eat this!

(Oh look, she’s saved me some!).


Yesterday, I went to Yialos.

And I had a Carlsberg.

Well I didn’t really but I dreamed I did.

But I was cool and sexy

And met Panda, a very lovely Husky

With bright blue eyes.

I’m going to see her again!

And take  her to ”my office”,

So she’ll be impressed with me.


Now am practising being ”cool dude Dexter”

But I want to EAT EVERYTHING!…….


Wuff and wags

Dexter x