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27th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Growing Pains

I’m having a very chilled out day.

Mummy says, I’m tired because my bones are growing.

I’ve watched them closely and they don’t seem to be moving

But my Mummy is very clever so she must know best.

I think I am getting bigger,

Coz when I jump up to cuddle my Mummy,

I reach up to her BOOBIES!

Hee hee!

I’m a boy and I said ”BOOBIES”!

Daddy thinks it’s very funny

So I jumped up again on Mummy –

And reached her boobies…..


Am in BIG trouble now:

My language is not good for a little dog, apparently –

And I shouldn’t jump up….

So am in the Dog House.


But it’s okay.

I’m very tired today.

I didn’t even sploosh in the rock pools today

when we went for a walk.

But I did dig a hole in the soft stuff

Near the Big Scary Sea,

Then jumped up onto Mummy’s boobies……


Okay. I’ll stop.


At least for a while coz I’m going to sleep.

And , no Mummy, you cannot make this up.

I’m sleeping on it as it is.

Soft stuff in my paws and all!


Wuff and Wags

Dexter x