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24th May 2022

Dexter’s Day: Growing a potted cat!

My cats love me.

Well, they aren’t really MY cats –

and actually, they don’t like me at all.

Apart from Brucie cat,

Who ”lets” me cuddle him

And nibble his ears!


I love Brucie.

I’d like him to live in the house with me

So I could chase him everywhere

And we could break lots of things

And have GREAT fun.


Mummy says ”no!”.

She says Brucie and the Hilltop Gang

Live in the room downstairs.

Where they have beds

And food and water.

And toys –

and visitors- but don’t tell Mummy!

She keeps wondering where all the food goes

But I know Brucie brings his friends around

While Mummy is at work.


Brucie watches me all of the time.

Tonight, he was sat in the plant pot on the wall

While I was destroying a plant on the ground

I thunked to him, ”Come down and play with me”,

and he thunked back, ”Don’t be silly! You are a DOG!”


I’m a DOG.

Not a PUPPY!

I’m so happy!

And I’m so BIG!

Who needs cats!

wuff and wags

Dexter x