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14th November 2022

Dexter’s Day: Greek Houses

I am a builder!

I am in construction!

And I don’t get paid!

It’s not fair!


Well, me and Mummy and Daddy and I and they and them,

Talked to the farmer on our ”near Spillies” walk

And Mummy told him we had lots of water bottles.

He said we should take them to the shop

But Mummy explained I’d been skidding on them

And bitten holes in them

So they were no good.

So she’s saved them to make a ”play field” for me –

But we saw that the farmer was using them

To keep his vegetables warm

(!), ”how did he walk ‘?” you ask –

Anyway, he was planting more vegetables

and he wanted the water bottles and he said,

“Efaristo! I make Greek Houses!”.


Why would he make Greek houses in Peyia?

Mummy said he meant , ”Green Houses”.

I thunk I’m VERY confused now-

First he puts his vegetables into plastic,

Then he wants more plastic to plant more

Then he thunks he is in Greece!


Am only a Getting-bigger-and -naughtier -by-the -day -puppy

But I thunk the farmer is EVEN more crazy than Daddy!


wuff and wags

Dexter x