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9th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Going to the office.

I am a very busy boy.

Every morning, I go to the office with Mummy.

We have a special office for just the two of us

But we let Daddy come in –

And he let Scary Lady Lindsay come in –

but really, it’s just for me and my Mummy.


We have our breakfast then get dressed.

I steal Mummy’s shoes

Then we play

Then Mummy gets her ”serious voice”

and we pack her bag for work –

with all of my toys and teddies and ropes

so Mummy has to drop me off

and go back for her computer and files.


Then she has to go back home again for my bowl

and water and Rude Angel, which I always forget!


I like the office.

There is a big, comfy settee for me and my toys.

We can lie there and sleep and play –

And watch Mummy being busy.

When she is TOO busy,

I can throw myself at her

and make her cuddle me

then share my toys with her.


Today, Mummy was talking into the little machine

which makes her frown

and she was talking about wages ..

I’d forgotten about that!

I need wages for coming to work!

Daddy told me!

(Can I eat them?).

I’m going to ”think” to Mummy tomorrow about wages.


They seem to be very important –

and I’d be able to get Mummy a Christmas Present!

One I can eat!

And I’ll buy Daddy one too!

And eat that!


Working is VERY exciting!

I’m going to do it tomorrow too.

but am tired now

coz I’m just a puppy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Wuff and Wags,

Dexter x