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11th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Going Potty!

I have been VERY HELPFUL today!
After waking Mummy and Daddy up early,
3 hours early,
just in case their alarm didn’t go off,
I hurried down my biscuits,
(and sure there weren’t many of them in my bowl this morning!),
Then I went into the garden..

Mr. Horrible Loud Wind visited us last night.
He made me scared.
So I jumped onto Mummy’s side of the bed
and snuggled under the covers next to her.

She used her ANGRY VOICE but then cuddled me
so it was okay.

Anyway, when I got into the garden,
I saw that Mr Horrible Wind had made a terrible mess!
He had blown all of Daddy’s plants over,
And there was soil everywhere.

The new plants were lying down asleep
and looked very sad.

So I pulled them all out
and threw them into a pile near the big water thing
and brought the new pots inside the house
To help Daddy start again.

I shook the pots hard,
so any leftover soil came out.
It went EVERYWHERE which was exciting
And meant Daddy could put the plants into soil

Then I chewed all of the pots
Until they were more interesting shapes
and smaller so Daddy could fill them quicker!

I’m a very good puppy.
And very helpful in the garden.

Which is a Good Thing
Coz it seems I’m sleeping there, tonight!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x