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16th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: Going Green?

I’m very confused.

Daddy says I shouldn’t worry

And that this will pass

BUT Mummy is ”on a mission”…..


She wants us to , ”Go Green”.

How can I go Green?

I’m Black and I’m a Puppy-getting-bigger-dog

Even when I dig in the garden

and run through the forest,

I’m only turn dusty brown and not green!

I thunk maybe Mummy is going a little crazy!


She took my big plastic water bottle off me this morning,

and told me in her, ”serious voice” : “”Dexter, you shouldn’t play with these.

I’m taking it to recycling now”…..”we have to recycle”.



How can I ride an old bike?

I’m only a puppy with very long legs

and I’ve got four of them

so cycling is no good for me!


I thunked to myself, ”okay Mummy , off you go on your recycle –

I’ve got 6 more big water bottles hidden in the garden –

and I can skid around on them when you are out”.


So I smiled at her as if I understood her –

But I’m with Daddy:

We will NEVER understand Mummy, even if she turns Green!

(though I do thunk she is my favourite Mummy) !


wuff and wags

Dexter x