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20th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: Goat Yoga?

I am confused.
What is a goat?

Why would my Mummy want a goat?
I’m a puppy!

I’m a naughty puppy – but I’m cute!

Mummy wouldn’t let me play with her this morning.
Well, that’s not true: we played from ”silly o’clock”
Then I went to lie down.

So did Mummy – but she lay down on the floor and starting putting her arms and legs in the air.
So I got up.
And joined in.
By running and jumping on her, at full speed!
It was fun!

But it wasn’t , apparently!
Mummy tried to wriggle and push me off!
I liked it so I hung on
To her arm with my teeth!

So am in the Dog House (again!).
and Mummy wants a goat to join in with her ”yoga” thing
Because she says puppies cannot do yoga!

So am going to practise!
But first, I’m going to be in the huff!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x