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12th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Getting Plastered!

Mummy, Daddy and I , got plastered!

The whole of the kitchen and the breakfast room,

Were covered in white stuff

By Ed, who smelled very nice-

but wouldn’t let me play with him

or his tools!


(Daddy won’t let me play with HIS tools either:

I think this is selfish.

I could be a BIG HELP!

I mean, I even painted part of the kitchen

With my ear!).


Anyway, after we got plastered, we got painted.

It’s come off my ear, so that’s okay

But it’s still on the floor

Where I took Ed’s brush and it fell.

Mummy says it will be okay.

Daddy says, I’m in BIG TROUBLE again!

(Though he still took Mummy and I on a walk –

And we all had a pee in the bushes –

Well, Mummy didn’t

But someone had to be ”look out”).


It;s Sunday now and we are going out –

Or supposed to be.

I ”helped ” Mummy before she got up

By putting some of her Christmas cushions,

In the puddle on the balcony.

They looked pretty!

And very wet!


Am back in The Dog House

So may be staying home today!


Wuff and wags.

Dexter x