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6th November 2022

Dexter’s Day: Getting my share!

I was enjoying Mummy’s magazine

Especially the photos of food,

So I ate them Very Slowly

But I read that you should each vegetables

Every Day!

So while Mummy and Daddy were out today,

I was a Very Good Boy –

And helped myself to the vegetables

on the shelves in the kitchen!


I thunk I love potatoes best!

Coz I can throw them high in the air

Before eating them.

And they are covered in lovely red mud,

Which I can spread on the cushions!


I don’t like onions though.

I keep trying them

And have bitten 4 today

But they all taste horrible

So I just spit them out

and go back to potatoes.


Mummy wasn’t very pleased with me

when she came home!

I thunked to her that I was only trying to be healthy

But she got her angry face

and told Daddy she was going upstairs

with a Lovely Cup of Tea,

To read her magazine in peace…….


oh dear.

She’ll have to read it in pieces……

I thunk I’m going to hide for a while!


wuff and wags

Dexter x