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27th February 2022

Dexter’s Day: Gardening help.

Daddy got up even before silly o”clock today

Coz he had to go to work early,

So I got up with him, keeping quiet

So I didn’t wake Mummy up –


Daddy made a nice cup of tea

And I went out onto the balcony

To finish some gardening jobs

Mummy had started yesterday.


I’d watched her VERY CAREFULLY

And knew that shé had only tidied

Part of the pots up.

She’d pulled most of the plants out

But there were still some there

With flowers on

And they needed to be ”sorted”.


So, while she slept,

I ”sorted” them.

I pulled all of them out

So all of the pots were empty

Then brought all of the naughty plants

Into Mummy’s bedroom to show her,

So she knew she didn’t have to hurry to get up.

Coz I’d finished ALL of her chores for her……


I don’t understand women.

Neither does Daddy.

I’d been SO helpful

But am back in the Dog House!


Oh well, I’ll go back to sleep

So Mummy can count all of the flowers and plants

And soil and stones

Which I gave her on the bed….


Wuff and wags

Dexter x