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27th September 2021

Dexter’s Day: Gardening duties.

Oh, I slept SO well last night!
Daddy human, lifted me up on to the big bed and, with his help in the night, we managed to get the mummy human to move out all together and go and sleep on the settee!
It was wonderful!
We boys could spread out, lie on our backs, legs long and wide – and make rude noises when we pleased!

Mummy seems tired today but hey, that’s humans for you!

Anyway, I’ve been very busy.
I’ve brought all of my toys downstairs to the kitchen so I’m closer to the cupboard which is hiding my food. I don’t like this cupboard. I’ve tried talking to it and hitting it hard with my paw but it still won’t let me in.

I’ve got a plan:
my teeth are growing so am sharpening them each day on the things I can reach.
Soon, I’ll be able to eat my way into the cupboard! DaDah!

Today is a good day. Daddy human is at work so I’ve been giving, ”cute eyes” to the Mummy one, to try to get her to feed me more often. It hasn’t worked yet but I’m not giving up! I know she is a pushover: Daddy tells me all about it and tells me to ignore her when she tells me off.

I like my humans. There are lots of them and more coming today. I’m going to have to sleep so I’m not too tired to play with them when they arrive: you humans sure like to play when a puppy is busy! Still, it’s our job I suppose.

This morning, I’ve been doing some gardening.
I’ve pulled the leaves off a red plant and bitten the purple heads off another plant – and the hissing black thing which keeps putting water on me, is almost dead. I’ll keep on that one! It was in more places than I first thought!

I’ve found a thing to dig with – though I still prefer to use my paws and nose – but I’ll practise with the thing.

So am too busy to talk to you all anymore right now…….

Wuff and wags
Dexter x