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29th October 2022

Dexter’s Day: Friends for tea!

I had people around for tea, yesterday.

I didn’t expect them to be coming

So I hadn’t got ready or tidied up

But it didn’t matter

Coz they WUFF me and they only have eyes for me!

And I only have eyes for CHICKEN!

I could EAT IT!

Lots of it!

And then some more for breakfast!


I thunk I like people around for tea

But I couldn’t eat a whole one, LOL!

But I COULD eat a whole chicken

So I have to keep Mummy on the lead

When we walk past the chickens,

In case I get, ”ínterested” and try to run to see them.


Even when people don’t come around for tea,

I still like chicken!

In fact, I like EVERYTHING and want to eat it all!

I don’t like toast anymore

Coz Daddy put red sticky stuff on it called Jam.

But I like honey and I like butter –

and I like a Lovely Cup of Tea too!


Especially with a biscuit.

That isn’t mine but is close enough to steal!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x