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29th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: Friday!

Its Friday!
Am very excited!
Don’t know why – but I’m a puppy!
Everything is exciting!

Mummy is home with me for all of the days!
We will have great fun!

I’ll teach her to dig and to run
We are going to go out in her car.

We are going to drink wine!
Well, she is and she is going to blame me! ***

We are going to chat and play.
Well, she’ll talk ”to a tree”, according to Daddy
And I’m just going to PLAAAAAAYYYYYY!

I’ve had my beer already.
It’s dog beer but there is not left
But the bottle tasted nice!
Am still eating it now!

We’re off for a walk now.
I’m see PEOPLE!
I can sniff them and wag my tail very fast.

I like Friday!

I live EVERY day!

I’m a very happy puppy!

Wuff and Wags
*** Mummy has told me off. She is not really going to drink wine. She’s ”on the wagon” – but I cannot see it!

Dexter x