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10th June 2023

Dexter’s Day: Friday flirtations!

I thunk I’ve really ‘got it’ – whatever ‘it’ is

Coz the little blonde with the pretty hair and new harness,

Couldn’t take her eyes off me last night!

She was waggling her tail and throwing her ball near me,

Smiling as she ran past me and lying down just out of reach.

It was all going really well and I was ready to make a move

when a big handsome hunting dog sauntered in!

All suave and cool and shiny – and pretended he wasn’t interested in her!

So she pushed me aside and starting to make a play for him!

I thunked to myself: just ignore her and ignore him too –

But I  WUFF to chat and socialise and play – and my tail gives me away:

When I want to be quiet , it still waggles happily and makes me want to smile –

So I gave cute eyes to the blonde and said ‘hello’ to the big guy

and now we are all friends!

Fridays are fun!

wuff and wags

Dexter x