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4th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Forest Tree

Me and Mummy and Daddy and we and us , went for a very long walk today in Pikni Forest.
I wuff this place very much because it has lots of places where I can run and hide
and lots of BIG muddy puddles that I can splash about in when Daddy isn’t looking!

Today, I met Ron, who is a baby and is only one year old – but he was massive!
He’s a German Shepherd puppy who was walking his Daddy and he was very wufferly.
We had a sniff and play and discussed our parents: his Daddy was on the lead and so was mine
But we decided it was safer to keep it this way! In case they ran away.

I also talked to the trees in the Forest. Mummy cannot talk to them coz she hasnt got her voice back
So I told them my secrets but only quickly coz I needed to keep an eye on my parents.

The trees in the forest have lots of stories to tell. They were huddling together to chat today
And they were discussing how nice it is that people are coming out to walk amongst them.
Trees like people. But they like people to talk to them – and I don’t think they like dogs to water them
But I did ask nicely first!
And I didn’t lovely. It’s fresh and alive and welcoming and beautiful
And I’m a very lucky doggy to be able to walk my parents there.

Wuff and wags
Dexter x