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7th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: Forest of Dreams!

I thunk I have gone to heaven!

Well, I went to walk my Mummy and Daddy

Because they need exercise

And because I can hold them on their lead

If they behave!

Anyway, we went to a Forest!

It was SO exciting!

There were tables there which were growing FOOD!

And big machines making HOT SAUSAGES AND CHOPS!

And beers for Daddy

And babies for Mummy

(but she couldn’t eat a whole one!).


There was food EVERYWHERE!

But I couldn’t get away from the lead

So I had to keep pulling and slavering

And putting on my ”cute eyes” –

But my parents said, ”No. Come on Dexter”

And took me away from the fooooooooooood. ARGH!

It looked SO wufferly.

Even the people there with it were eating it

AND they offered me some.


I thunk I’m going to go back there.

Without my parents.

When I learn to drive –

But I’ll miss my Mummy.

So maybe I’ll just eat sausages at home

And dream about the Forest.


wuff and wags

Dexter x