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7th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Foraging!

I thunk I’ve found my favourite new game and purpose in the world: foraging!
This morning, when I was running through the forest, I met some lovely people who were sniffing around my trees ,(I thought) – but they weren’t: they were ‘foraging’ for mushrooms and showed me what they were doing!
‘I can do that!’, I thunked to myself and wagged my tail extra hard so they’d let me play!

It was great fun but I couldn’t water the trees where they were coz it might upset the mushrooms,
(Though I’ve never heard one complain!).

Anyway, we ‘foraged’ for a while; then found a ball to play with so the small human and me had a game of chase then I came home….
and decided to ‘forage’ on the kitchen worktop coz I’d seem Daddy cutting bacon and thought there may be some left!
But there’s wasn’t any bacon – it was an ‘ambush’ and I got my bottom smacked for being naughty LOL!

Happy Sunday!
Wuff and wags
Dexter x

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