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23rd November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Fido-elity!

I’m a fit and healthy puppy!
But I’m turning into a big of a dog,
according to my people!

I cannot help being so very handsome
And cute and tall and sexy (!).
My Daddy says, it’s a family thing!

My Mummy laughed and said, let’s hope you grow out of it!

I don’t understand the problem!

Daddy says I’m like him: a ”babe magnet”.
Mummy says, Daddy is going to go with me
To be ”done”, whatever that means!

I just think it’s lovely to meet the girls.
They love me and I love them.

I’ve got Sallie and Molly and Ruby,
And ”funny looking one”-
who has short legs,
(Mummy says never to say that out loud to her!).

I’ve got the cute girl with long ears
and the one who has VERY long legs –
They all just love me and want to snuffle me.

I love my walks.
I love meeting the ”ladies”
But I’m tired when I get home
Coz I’m only a puppy
And, above all,
I love my Mummy.
(Mummy wrote the last two lines –
I quite fancy all of the ladies to be honest).

Wuff and wags
Dexter x