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20th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Feeding the cats.

Me and Mummy,

Well, Mummy and I/me,

Well actually, Mummy and I/me –

And sometimes Gorilla and sometimes Teddy

And today, Crocodile but yesterday, Rude Angel,

Feed the Hilltop Gang of Cats, every morning

and every night.


Its VERY exciting!

Mummy tells me we are going to feed them:

She gets the key and I get one of my toys

And off we go down the steps.

at TOP SPEED , (well , me not Mummy)

Where they are all waiting at the gate.


On the otherside of the gate

Coz I think they are scared of  my toys!

I thunk to the cats that it’s okay,

The toys are friendly and only want to say hello –

But I’d like to have breakfast with the cats –

But Mummy won’t let me!


I watch to make sure Brucie, Harry, Holly and Scrappy,

All get their food –

Well , to see if they leave any, really,

Then I take my toy back upstairs

and we plan for tomorrow and how to break down the gate!


It’s fun.

Except I want to GET OUT of the gate!

wuff and wags

Dexter x (photos of Brucie and Harry, for you).