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23rd November 2022

Dexter’s Day: Feathered friends

I was having a lovely lie in with my Mummy

at 6.10 am today.

Daddy had gone to work so, me and Mummy and I

Were having a Lovely Cup of Tea!


Then there was a BIG NOISE! And then more noises!

Mummy was scared – so I sat on her knee to protect her.

We both sat VERY STILL – mainly coz the noise kept banging

Then I escaped and went to see what woz happening……



Three little birds had come in through the big window

and were playing bouncing off everything.

So I joined in!


We jumped off the sofas and the shelf

pushed the pretty things over,

poo’d a lot (them not me – but I wanted to

Couldn’t though coz I was Too Busy chasing them!


One went out and the other two flew downstairs.

So we played more!

We jumped around the kitchen (me!)

and knocked more pretty things over (all of us),

Then ran outside, (me)

Then Mummy came and locked me out!



When I got back into the house

They had gone.

Mummy had let them out of another window.

I was very sad!

They were GREAT FUN!


For some reason, Mummy didn’t thunk it was fun.

I’ll never understand people…….


wuff and wags

Dexter x