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17th December 2021

Dexter’s Day – Favourite Xmas Thing!

Mummy and I have a new game:

She puts all the pretty things on a tree

which is in the lounge

and I pull them off again!


I LOVE this game!

It makes noises and I get covered in sparkles –

But Mummy doesn’t love this game –

and gets covered in red mist and shots!


So I’m trying a new game:

I really like one of the things on the tree:

It has bells on it

So it rings when I jump up and catch it –

But Mummy really likes this one too –

And hears the bells

So  runs and chases me until she gets it back.


Then she hangs it higher

Or at least pushes it in the tree

Coz I’ve bitten the ”hanging string ” off –

and it’s ears

but the bells still ring!


Now I’m a BIG puppy,

I can jump RIGHT UP

and still reach this hanging thing –

So Mummy says, if I’m going to be naughty

She is going to hang ME on the tree!

With bells on!


That would be fun coz I could reach the Angel.

I like Angels.

She can sleep with me and Rude Angel.


I like Christmas coming to us.

Wonder what I’ll get to eat?

Apart from tree toys!


Wuff and Wags

Dexter x