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9th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Family

I love my family.
I love my Mummy and my Daddy.

I love my Aunties and Uncles
And the Giants
And my Godparents

And the cats (though they don’t love me!);
Especially Brucie cat coz he let’s me snuffle him!

I love Rude Angel and gorilla and teddy and spanner
And small teddy and scraggly thing and yellow ted and my shoe….

I just love EVERYTHING!

Well, not everything.
I don’t love the big wooden door
Coz it won’t give me biscuits!

I do love my blue bowl
Coz it makes a GREAT noise when I throw it at Mummy!

I love walking and sitting and sleeping
And jumping and running and being silly….

But mostly I love my family.
Even scary Granny who lives in the small machine
That steals Mummy’s smile.

I’m a puppy.
And it’s great to be a puppy who is loved.

Right now, I’m very sad for any puppy or doggy
Whose Mummy and Daddy are sad
and who need their family.

Mummy and Daddy are sad too.
There has been very sad news.
I’m not sure what it is
But I’m sad coz they are.
But I’ll lick them and wuff them, a little better.

Merlin too.
Coz he’s my friend
Even though we haven’t met yet.

Big Wuff and many Wags,
Dexter xx