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1st June 2024

Dexter’s Day: Family Tree

Mummy was telling me that she is going to have a look at the Family Tree.

I thunk she’s lost the plot coz ALL of the trees in the garden belong to our family

And the one I choose to ‘pee’ on most , is probably the best to ‘look at’-

I look at it a lot!

One of our second-cousins-twice-removed-by-family -stuff , is looking into the whole thing too.

(The sctrbf must be close family coz everyone in Cyprus is my ‘cousin’ according to neighbours!)

Anyway, not sure why Mummy wants to look at the Tree but they are lovely and she does talk to them.

I thunk I must have looked at her funny when she was explaining this to me,

Coz she started to tell me that, in my Family Tree, there were many doggy and cat sisters and brothers

but I know for sure that they’ve not ‘used’ ‘my family tree’ coz I would have seen them pee!

It’s all very confusing. So I’m going to lie down…..

Wuff and wags

Dexter x