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21st January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Evicted!

Me and Daddy and Mummy and we and us and they, shared ‘our’ bed for the first time since before Christmas!
Because my parents have been very poorly, they’ve slept separately – and I’ve slept with Mummy –
But divebombed Daddy a couple of times every night to make sure he’s okay.

Yesterday, Daddy told us both it was time for us to move back in coz the germs had gone
(Or the Germans: not sure which coz I couldn’t hear him too well).

So it was very exciting snuggling up again between them both – and pushing them out of the bed when I could.

Daddy got annoyed and slept upside down, to give me more space to cuddle Mummy –
and Mummy got cold again coz I had all the quilt!

It was great fun!

Today, me and Mummy and we and I , have been evicted – so Mummy is making our bed back up in the spare room!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x