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21st November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Elephants and toilet rolls.

It’s not even 10 am and I’m SOOOO tired!
Am only a puppy, for goodness sake!

I had to wake up Mummy and Daddy,
A long time before silly 0’clock,
Because something horrible was happening outside….

The sky was crying
and the plants and chairs were floating around my balcony,
Then a horrible voice shouted through the clouds!

I was scared!

I was also very wet and muddy,
But that’s not my fault.
I wiped myself clean on the bed
When I jumped on my humans.

Daddy said , ”it’s only the elephants”,
Mummy laughed – “it’s wind and rain and Mr Thunder”,
”These are the elements and they won’t hurt you, Dexter”.

Well, maybe not but I don’t like them.
And they woke me up!
Daddy didn’t seem very happy with me.
Mummy got up and went to close a window
And left the door open!
So I stole a soft white play thing –
And tore it to shreds all over the lounge!

It was great fun!
I pretended it was one of the ”elephants” –
and I WON!!

Daddy has gone to work.
Mummy is gazing into the sky,
Holding peace and quiet in her cup –

So I”m going back to their bed
While they aren’t looking!

Wuff and Wags
Dexter x