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12th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: Earthquake!

I survived an Earthquake!

And I couldn’t eat it!

In fact, I couldn’t stand up.

I was VERY SCARED – so was Mummy,

So we snuggled into bed and held onto Daddy –

But I think he was scared too coz he was shaking!

EVERYTHING was shaking, including Rude Angel,

Gorilla, Santa, Shawn the Sheep and all my toys.

I brought them all into bed

To keep them safe.

Then I got two plants

And brought them to,

So they were safe.


Everything shook and shook and made noises.

We thought we were on a train.

Then it stopped.

And all was okay.


But I went and got another two plants

And the brush

And what was left of my toy box

So everything was together for Mummy and Daddy

To keep safe.


Now I’m  in BIG TROUBLE, in The Dog House again!

I don’t understand?

I’m only a puppy who survived an EARTHQUAKE!

(wait till I tell my girlfriends!).


Wuff and wags

Dexter x