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9th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: Early doors

I thunk I’m getting my parents into a routine.

They are behaving a bit better with me

Especially when I put them on the lead

and go for a walk.


They seem to understand that,

once a week,

I need to go to Yialos for ”early doors”

because the kind lady chef there



So I take my parents for a walk up the lane,

then we go to Yialos!


Chef watches for me coming

and runs to the kitchen to get meat for me!

My parents have beers while I eat

Then they have more beers while I eat more!

It’s REALLY good fun!


Yesterday, I met a lovely little boy from Leeds

(Where is Leeds? He didn’t seem to be tied to anyone?)

I don’t understand but it’s not a nice place

Because he told me he cannot have a dog!


How can you not have a dog?

I thunk that this is terrible!

Who eats all of your stuff if you don’t have a dog?

Who digs up the plants?

Who jumps on the bed?

Seems a very strange thing to me

But I thunk a lot of people ARE very strange.

Not Chef though.

She is WUFFERLY and I thunk I’ll go back to see her sooooooooooon


wuff and wags

Dexter x