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30th November 2023

Dexter’s Day: Dreams and fears

Mummy had a very bad dream last night.
I knowed this coz she woke up crying and cuddling me asking me to wake up
But I was awake: I couldn’t sleep for the noise she was making…..

The night gremlins had got into her dreams and she was telling me about pirates and a boat-
But I was thunking only that it must be nearly breakfast time
so I listened carefully but in my head, I hurried her story along so she’d get up and feed me!
The cute eyes worked a treat!

Sometimes, I have dreams and feel very scared. I run and run and run away from monsters
But Mummy or Daddy catch me and it’s all okay again.

My job is too look after my people but I know they look after me too!

Mummy has confused me though: she told me I was her ‘angel’ but I thunked I was a Labrador?
Maybe it was the gin.
I shouldn’t drink it. I’m only 16.5 in people years!

Dream Happy Things!
wuff and wags
Dexter x