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12th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Dr Dexter

What’s up Doc?

See how funny I am?

I am now officially a Doc coz am looking after Daddy & Mummy!


I have to jump from one bed in one room

To another bed in the other room,

Taking them both presents , (Mummy likes Gorilla and Daddy likes Shoe).

Then they throw them at each other through the open door

And I pick them up and take them back again!


I cannot make tea yet but I can drink their cold cups of tea

And I thunk that they are Lovely! (So am going to learn to make one

Before I get married –

Though I’m NEVER leaving my Mummy, even when I get a wife –

Or a puppy –

Or something more to play with )


Am thunking that Daddy is a whole lot better today.

I can see his eyes – and he’s staring at me in his,

“Dexter, what are you doing voice?”

He’s funny!


Mummy is much better too: she is sharing her biscuits with me.

(I LOVE eating! Have I ever mentioned that?),

So it’s all good and I won’t need to take their temperatures again

But I’ll keep lying on their chests to feel their heart beats –

and because it’s so very gorgeous!


I love cuddles.

ALMOST as much as I love food –

But cuddles AND being fed together, are the VERY BEST –

Well, along with going for a swim and chasing Brucie cat!

Mostly I love to EATTTTTTT – which I’ll do as soon as I’m finished my ”work”.

(What chores? – I’ll have a LARGE PLATE OF FOOD PLEASE!!!)


Am a funny doc and a silly dog….

wuff and wags

Dexter x