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2nd November 2023

Dexter’s Day: Dr Dexter I presume!

I thunk I’ve been promoted to a Very Important Job!
My Mummy came home early from work yesterday and went to bed in daylight!
So I did too! Snuggled with her. But I got up to walk Daddy coz I know he likes to walk.

Me and Mummy and I and we, slept in the Big Bed and we tossed and turned and stole the blankets –
Well I did: Mummy was ‘out for the count’ Daddy said.
I didn’t even get Mummy up at Silly O’clock coz I knowed she wasn’t well
but when I scratched at the door of the room Daddy slept in, to help Mummy sleep better,
He didn’t hear me – so I woked up Mummy……

It’s okay. she is feeling a little bit better and I like it coz she has no voice
So today, I’m not ‘Dexter NO! You little Tish!” , I’m just Dr Dexter, caring for my Mummy
and eating whatever I can find.

I didn’t know Doctors needed to eat so many stones, or things off the washing line or tea towels
But Mummy is smiling at me with crinkled eyes and I’m getting away with ANYTHING!

Or I would – but I wuff my Mummy and she needs me to sit on her knee, even though she’s too hot –
And Daddy told me to look after her – so I’ll ask him about my wages for this work, later.
(Wot’s that ? Doctor’s don’t get paid enough? It’s okay , I wuff my Mummy anyway -_
but I like FOOOOOOOOOOOOD for payment).

I like being Dr Dexter. But Mummy doesn’t like me getting my ‘stethascope’ out: what’s the problem?

Wuff , wags and medicine
Dexter x