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8th March 2024

Dexter’s Day: Dr Dexter!

My Mummy is potty! Well, not exactly ‘potty’ but her foot is in a ‘pot’ and she’s hobbling around the house.
Daddy says it’s my job to look after her so I’m taking this Very Seriously!
Wherever she goes, I go with her.
When she sits down, I climb on her knee.
When she eats something, I share it – and when she goes to the loo, I go with her but this seems to drive her mad!
(Ah! That’s why she’s ‘potty’!).

I’ve been sleeping in sick bay bed with her to make sure she’s safe: I keep the WHOLE bed under guard,
so she cannot stretch out and hurt herself anymore –
And I’ve thunked to her, that it’s okay not to chase me when I do naughty things – coz she can’t –
but I can be double naughty for a while!

I like Mummy being potty coz she’s home with me and we are working from the kitchen.
She is on her machine and I’m trying to sit on the chair with her so she’s cozy.

Only thing is, she cannot walk with me and Daddy , so we boys have to go out ourselves and come back quickly,
So Mummy cannot do anything naughty – again. Coz that’s how she got potty in the first place!

Happy Womens Day to the women in my life.
Wuff and wags
Dexter x
ps wot is ‘womens day’? Can I eat it?