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2nd January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Dr Dexter!

Hello and Happy New Year! Thank you for your messages and wishes.
I wish for you all to have a wufferly, peaceful and very Happy New Year with lots of lovely walks ; tummy tickles – and plenty to EAT!
Sorry I haven’t been writing but I’ve been very busy looking after my Mummy.
She – and a whole of lot other people around – got an unexpected Christmas present: Covid!
And it didn’t taste nice/wasn’t wrapped up (though Mummy had to be) and nobody wanted to play with it!

I’ve been very good and very quiet – but not as quiet as Mummy who saved up any words to share with wufferly friends but who is too quiet and it’s been a bit worrying! (Though she and I do have a good old ‘thunk’ together, when we are snuggled on the settee).

Me and Daddy and Mummy and we and wufferly friends, have been for walks to get ‘fresh air’ – and lots of sniffs on the journey.
Mostly, we’ve all snuggled on the settee and slept – in separate rooms with me running between them to check on both parents! It’s been VERY busy!

Anyway, it’s been very special being together and we’ve been thunking about how boring it can be to not be too well – and how hard it must be for people who are VERY poorly and not just having a temporary ‘thing’: so I’m going to thunk a lot more about them and see if I can give them ‘waggly tails’ to help them feel better each day.

I hope that 2024 is going to be a very happy one: with tons of wuff and wags and friends and walks and places to visit. I also hope that those people who aren’t feeling well, have wufferly friends around them who make them feel better and share time with them.
One of my ‘promises’ for this New Year, is to wag my tail for everyone and smile and say hello!
(so the same as this last year really!).

Wishing you all to feel good and be happy, always.
Wuff and wags
Dexter x