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10th April 2022

Dexter’s Day: Dextrica?

I woke Mummy and Daddy up at Silly O”clock

Coz it’s a BEAUTIFUL day!

Mummy was happy and gave me cuddles.

Daddy wasn’t happy – so Mummy and I got up.


We went to feed Brucie, Harry and Scrappy,

our Pussy Cats –

Except Mummy was telling me that they aren’t pussy cats anymore!


I thought they were!

Seems they now have to be called ”Kitty-cats”,

So we don’t offend anyone!

I’m having a lie down….


I thunked to Brucie, Harry and Scrappy,

‘”Do you like being pussy cats?” –

And they thunked back, ”yes – as long as Mummy feeds us!”


”Do you want to be Kitty-cats”, I thunked more.

”We’d rather EAT kitty- cat”, they thunked back.



I’d rather EAT anything! Don’t care what it’s called!


But am thunking more – soon I’m being ”done”

(OMG! How can they do this to me?!) –

Does this mean I have to be called a girls name?



Wuff and wags- while I think about this .

Dexter x