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30th April 2023

Dexter’s Day: Delivery Dog!

It’s a very happy Sunday here in Peyia!

Daddy had to go to work at Silly O’clock – and Mummy thunked she’d sleep in….

“Thunk Again, Mummy!, I’m coming to dive bomb you”, I said to myself!

So we dive bombed , (me) and we laughed, (me again) and we jumped, (me myself),

and we threw things , (both of us: me at Mummy and her at me!). It was GREAT fun!

And it worked , coz Mummy got up!

We need to be up early today coz we’ve got important things to do:

We’re delivering ‘stuff’ to villas ready for the happy people coming on holiday,

and ‘stuff’ to two of my favourite people who smell just lovely and make me happy!

AND we’ve got to go back to finish our very long walk coz the raindrops stopped it yesterday.

So I thunked to Mummy that she should be happy that she was up early-

Even too early to go anywhere – but she can have a lovely cup of tea x 7 –

And I get breakfast – and I can eat it very fast!


Happy Sunday! If you need me to deliver to you, let me know! I’m dressed and ready.

Wuff and wags

Dexter x