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8th February 2022

Dexter’s Day: Day in the Office!

I’ve had a  VERY BUSY DAY!

Mummy woke me up at silly o”clock

To tell me to get showered, dressed and ready!

I laughed SO much!

I never get dressed!

I’m The Naked Dog, (no photos – talk to my agent)

But I do like to get showered with Daddy –

Oh, she was TALKING to Daddy!

Anyway, we were VERY BUSY!

The builders came and stole our smelly bathroom.

Shame! I liked that smell

And added to it when no-one was looking…

But they took it

And while they were busy,

Daddy and I went to work

In our office at the bottom of the steps.



Daddy was making noises on his funny phone thing

And tapping notes on the big machine –

(Neither Mummy or Daddy let me tap notes

And I Really Want To!).

Mummy brought us tea,

Like a good secretary –

oh, hope she didn’t hear me ”think that”

Or Daddy and I will BOTH be in Big Trouble!


It was a busy day.

I took Mummy for a walk to see the peacocks

When work was finished.

Then I sat on her knee to ”think” to her

About all the jobs she has to do tonight,

Then I had my tea.


I didn’t get ANY wages for my work today

But I got lovely cuddles with Mummy

and a great walk and chat with her too –

and a HUGE tea!


I like working in the office days !

I have my own settee as well!

And Rude Angel is with me !

(and I  watch the cats through the cat flap!)

Wuff and wags

Dexters x