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25th March 2023

Dexter’s Day: Daddy’s in the Dog House!

I promised my Daddy person that I wouldn’t tell anybody about this

But I thunk it’s okay to tell you: coz you won’t tell anyone, will you?

The thing is, I saw him use some of Mummy’s favourite gin

to pour away onto the kitchen top

To try to remove the glue that he’d accidentally dropped!


I thunk he is VERY brave coz nobody touches Mummy’s gin,

Except my Aunties but they are allowed coz they don’t use it on glue:

They keep it safely in the glass for a very small moment then swallow it,

So it goes to ‘good use’!


Mummy might be cross with Daddy. I thunk she put a mark on her gin

And she’ll know that it has gone-

and maybe think it’s ME!!

But I’m too young to drink and I only like beer anyway!


Please keep my Daddy’s secret for me – but I’ll have to stop licking the worktop

Coz Mummy will want to know what is happening!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x