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3rd October 2022

Dexter’s Day: Daddy Sitting!

Me and Daddy and I and Daddy and Me

Have been Home Alone for 5 whole days!

It’s been great fun!

We’ve eaten a  TV remote, (well that was mostly me!),

Worn 32 T shirts!

Well, Daddy wore only 15 and I either nibbled

Or messed up the rest!

Pushed the Ironing Mountain over

And made a nest in it.

(Daddy pushed it over:

I made the nest).

Then we went to the pub A LOT

and also at rubbish


But we missed Mummy SOOOO much!

(Well, I did and I thunk Daddy was talking to her

On the funny phone thing

So it wasn’t so bad for him).


We went to the airport to meet Mummy.

I was SO happy that I jumped on EVERYONE!

And didn’t see Mummy

So she had to grab me and tickle me.


We are all home now together.

And that’s great.

And we’re ALL going to the pub now!


I like Daddy Sitting but I wuff my two parents home best!

wuff and wags

Dexter x