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24th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: Curtains for Me!

I’m in the DOG HOUSE – again.
This time it’s VERY SERIOUS!

Mummy told me in her BEST ANGRY VOICE – and I am scared!

Don’t know what I’ve done wrong.
I’m a puppy!
How to I know the rules yet?
Am only 16 weeks and one day old!

It was all going so well this morning….
Silly oçlock and Mummy and I were playing on the balcony.

I’d made a mess and she was cleaning
She must to trying to growl coz she was making ”quiet noises” as she cleaned!

Daddy was asleep so I got Mummy out of bed.
She is good to wake up:
I jump up on her pillow, pull her hair and magic! She is awake!

She must be happy because she says ”DEXTER!” and shows her teeth.
Her eyes smile at me though
So I give her ”cute eyes” then run away – still pulling her hair!

Anyway when we’d finished cleaning and I’d had my breakfast,
I played hide and seek with Rude Angel.

I threw her in the air and she landed on the curtain.
So I jumped very high on top of her
Grabbed her – and ran!

And the curtain came with us!
And the pole.
And the top of the blind……

Mummy did a VERY LOUD ANGRY SHOUT – and woke Daddy up!

So am in the Dog House.
Without a curtain.
But at least Rude Angel is my friend.

Wuff and wags.
Dexter x