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18th December 2022

Dexter’s Day. Cupboard love!

I thunk Mummy and Daddy and Me and Us and We,

Were Very Brave this morning!

We went into The Small Comedy Cupboard:

the one under the sink,

which is full of STUFF

Which we never use/cannot find and don’t need –

And it was HORRIBLE!


Mummy said that as we have People Coming –

(Oh, I like People! Especially People Coming here to my home!),

So I was happy to help her and Daddy.

They got stuff out

And I ran away with it so they couldn’t put it back!


Then we cleaned it.

Well, Mummy did and Daddy shouted a lot about All The Stuff!

Then Daddy made it ”like new”,

By putting a new cover on the bottom.

And now it’s a Lovely Cupboard!

So we can put Even More Stuff in it!


Hope the Stuff is Dexter stuff!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x