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5th February 2024

Dexter’s Day: Cupboard Love!

I love Nikolas my vet but he suggested to my Daddy person that maybe I should go on a diet!
What’s a diet? And how do I ‘go on it’?
I thunked to Daddy that I didn’t like the sound of that but he just smiled at me and thunked back that he and Mummy need to, as well.
That’s okay then, I thunked: we’ll all ‘go on a diet ‘ together! (I wonder where we are going?).

Anyway, in my house, the big scary wooden door hasn’t gone on a diet. It’s still there and it’s still shut.
Am not very happy about this because, behind the door, is my big bin full of food! And I can EAT IT!
Except I cannot – coz I cannot get the door open! ARGH!

so am sitting outside the kind, smaller not-so-scary-door, coz I know that Mummy has some of my treats hidden in there! (And stuff she’s bought she doesn’t want Daddy to know about!).
Am thunking if I sit here long enough, giving Mummy ‘cute eyes’, she’ll open the door,
Everything will fall out – and she’ll get busy hiding her stuff so I can steal my treats!

What a great plan!
Mummy: look at me! How cute am I………….

Wuff and wags
Dexter x