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3rd January 2023

Dexter’s Day: Completely potty!

There are many things in my house

Which have spots on them.

And stripes – including the big scary Yellow caterpillar

who followed me yesterday

And Mummy had to rescue me!

Then she told me it would turn into a butterfly!


I thunk it is going to be the size of an Eagle!


Anyway, everything is going spotty –

including one of Mummy’s chins

But that’s her fault for eating sweets

and not sharing them!


So we got a HUGE SPOTTY TEAPOT for Christmas!

Mummy loves it and keeps filling it up

And Daddy loves it coz he loves, ”’lovely cups of tea”.

I don’t love it very much

Coz Mummy strokes it and talks to it



I thunk I can just about reach up to it

And knock it off the kitchen top

But I thunk I’d be in Big Trouble for doing this

(though it would make a Lovely Big Noise LOL)!


The old spotty teapot is now in the garden,

so maybe I’ll break that one instead.

Or bury it

and the caterpillars can have ‘lovely cups of tea”.


Wuff and wags

Dexter x